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Swimming on Hwy N

Read a Brooklyn Rail Review of Swimmming on Hwy N (Touring Trump Country In A Clown Car)

“Anyone who cares about the continuing vitality of the social novel, its ability to speak for the full pluribus of the American unum, ought to jump up on the bar and cheer” The novel is “alive with American complexity…”


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Books & What Not Review

        “Troy’s novel also avoids another cliche of contemporary reading material–the tendency to depict the “flyover states” as monolithic right-wing strongholds. Rather than …painting middle America as either the last bastion of hard-working common sense people or a vast reservoir of hateful idiocy, Troy’s middle America is full of real people with differing ideas and perspectives….Each character is nuanced, containing both strengths and weaknesses.”



Winner, Best Book Award

Finalist, Foreword Reviews Book of the year

“The plot of Beauties is … rich, complex, and full of life…a hard complex realism told in precise language that never strays too far from a firm belief in family regardless of its deformities. Highly recommended.” Bookscape.

“Beauties is a delight to read. With exquisite attention to decor, food, fashion, and emotion, Troy has created a full and rich world certain to enchant anyone who picks it up.” Forewords

“More than anything, the ultimate lesson of BEAUTIES is one that deserves the vivid and emotional investigations Troy lavishes on it: that though the world on its surface seems a bruised and broken place, true beauty lies beneath if we only stop to look”—Tony D’Souza.

Cookie Lily

Winner, Devil’s Kitchen Reading Award

“Troy shows sympathy for her characters without a shred of sentimentality, and she uses words economically to deftly set a scene…Cookie Lily adds up to a protrait that is sadly wise and difficult to forget.” St. Louis Post Dispatch

“Deftly written and highly recommended tales.” Library Bookwatch

“All together, Cookie Lily is a thoroughly enchanting collection.” Select Fiction

“Gorgeous Tales of skeptics in paradise…juxtapositons of profane beauty and splendid decay.” Michael Martone


The Alibi Café and other stories

Finalist, William Rockhill Nelson Award

“Troy’s creative, deft use of imagery and figurative language invites teh reader to understand and engage with her character’s emotions….Troy also writers with a sense of humor and irony that lightens the harsher realities…The quirky, touching, and complex nuances of these outcasts’ minds and experiences remain with us long after we leave The Alibi Cafe.” Bloomsbury Review

“Through her incredible precision and craft, as well as good humor and extraordinary humanity, Mary Troy reminds us with each story why short fiction endures: because it brings people to us from worlds so like our own we cannot look away.” Arkansas Review

“What virtually all the characters share is a profound sense of ironic detachment …Mary Troy..wisely chooses to let us glimpse the resignation behind their struggles.” New York Times

“Troy’s knack for voice and character development compels… her language is precise and fresh…The entire collection asserts a redefinition of success. “ Indiana Review

Joe Baker is Dead

 “…Troy’s stories are good ones, the kind that make you laugh and ask what happens next because they consistently raise as many questions as they answer in a thoroughly pleasurable, tickling way.” Riverfront Times

“…[Joe Baker Is Dead] shows Troy’s gift for effective dialogue, interesting situations, and a genuine empathy for characters .” St. Louis Post Dispatch



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